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Both our short and long needle pine straw are picked up fresh from our suppliers located in South Georgia. Our pine straw installation service includes the installation of the straw itself, tucking in edges, and blowing any straw residue to leave our customer's property clean.  Our crews work to leave the straw perfectly laid to cover the ground.



Important aspects of pine straw installation are tucking in edges and blowing the area. Tucking is simply achieved with a mere shovel! It perfectly embeds the straw into the ground or stone/cement it is laid on using the squared blade of a shovel. The straw looks great after being tucked in addition to aiding in holding it.



We deliver pine straw to the metropolitan and surrounding areas of Atlanta. Our crew delivers the straw to the customer's property and blow straw residue to leave the property clean. 



Our mulch is delivered and spread by dump trucks or with 2 cu. ft bags. The mulch is spread thoroughly to cover the ground perfectly. After the mulch is laid, any mulch residue is blown to clear the residue. We have several mulch types, feel free to reach out to us to verify availability.

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Pine City Straw offers you the best service possible. We offer pine straw installation, as well as mulch installation. We work with love and care for our customers. We are a company with confidence. We dedicate our time to make sure that your property is left clean and beautiful. We can be reached via email or phone to schedule you for your pine straw or mulch needs!

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